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5 Main Beard Problems and Healthy Beard Tips to Help

5 Main Beard Problems and Healthy Beard Tips to Help

5 Common Beard Problems and What To Do About Them

  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Dry, flaky skin or beardruff
  • Coarse, dry beard hair
  • Unpleasant beard smell
  • Hair loss and patchy looking beard

Find out about these common beard problems, and what you can do to help your beard look and feel healthy and handsome.

Pregnant woman, avoid stress in pregnancy

How to Stay Relaxed In Pregnancy and Avoid Unnecessary Stress

It is always important to manage our stress levels, but never more so than in pregnancy.  This is because when the mother is feeling stressed, or her stress hormone levels rise, they can be found in the amniotic fluid that surrounds her baby. Furthermore, prolonged stress can impinge upon normal ...
AromaBump Beautiful Belly Bar - All natural solid moisturising bar for stretchmarks

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

The Beautiful Belly Bar: AromaBump’s Good Solid Approach to Stretchmarks I first learned about the presence of potentially toxic ingredients in personal care products in and around 2002, and as you can imagine - I was horrified!  How could products be made and sold in good faith, when the manufa...