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Meet the Maker

Lisa Heeney, Aromatherapist and Founder

Lisa Heeney is the founder of AromaBuff, and is a professional aromatherapist and reflexologist. She first encountered the healing and restorative benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy after the sudden and untimely death of her only brother in 2000. In order to help her with her grief at the time, Lisa went for reflexology treatments, to a therapist who was also an aromatherapist. It was this first introduction to essential oils that inspired Lisa to pursue them further and to study the beautiful healing art of aromatherapy, which she did as a student of the Tisserand Institute of Aromatherapy in London.
From studying essential oils and experiencing their benefits first hand, Lisa knew that there were many possibilities through which other people could also enjoy their supportive, restorative, and fragrant delights.

In 2012, Lisa added to her aromatherapy skills, and trained in the formulation and production of natural skin care and body products – making something she had only dreamed about doing since qualifying as an aromatherapist in 2005, a reality.

Keeping the benefits of aromatherapy as the focal point of this new-found knowledge, Lisa created a range of 100% natural body products such as richly moisturising body bars, body butters, lip balms, bath oils and face creams – all marketed under her own name. From the outset, Lisa was interested in supporting not just women but also pregnant women - and created a specific set of products especially for this.

However, not everyone is pregnant, nor wants to be. Customer feedback reported that there was demand for non-pregnancy products, and furthermore, that men were in fact “borrowing” their partner’s lip balms, body bars and face creams to use for themselves! Hence, after much deliberation, AromaBuff was born – to include both men’s and women’s luxuriously natural body and personal care products.